Selling Japan around the world

As the population declines, international streamers steadily grow in the country and digital advertising is likely to steal some of the pie, commercial broadcasters have set their sights for growth outside Japan.



The Water

They sat across from one another at the cheap station café. Trayfuls of tea, carelessly poured into narrow-waisted teacups, hovered around them. They were each given one, arranged into a saucer decorated with the head of a Shah; six identical pictures, as if stamped neatly onto the shallow dish. The kings swam in the saucer, in hot, inexpensive, domestic tea.



Child Protection Laws Are Clear – Except When It Comes To Male Circumcision

For men who are unhappy with the way their penis looks and feels as a result of being cut in infancy, there is no way back.



Where You Can Hike to the End of the World — in a Wheelchair

The air in Torres del Paine is like nothing you’ve breathed before — its crispness makes you feel alive. Its vivid colors are life in high definition, from azure lakes to green lenga tree leaves to pink chaura berries (with the texture and taste of apples). And just to picture its mesmerizing, jagged and elusive three granite peaks — that emerge only when they feel like it — is enough to compel you to travel halfway around the world to this stunning national park just a stone’s throw from Antarctica.

Travel writing.



I Hid as the School Next Door Was Bombed

The morning was crisp. Icicles hung from drainpipes like daggers. The city was occupied by fear — the evening before, for the first time during the war, it had been bombed. Despite that, my mother insisted nothing must stop me from going to school...




This British-Muslim Reporter Has Captured Hearts with His Political Podcast

I have a big mouth and I managed to turn it into a career,” says Mehdi Hasan shortly after answering the video call and exposing GQ to glorious morning sun in Washington DC.




Should Countries Profit Each Time You Buy an iPhone? This Economist Says Yes

Economist Mariana Mazzucato thinks the government should get a cut when it backs technologies that turn massive profits.



The Virgin King

In a drab, dull, drudgery of a morning the messenger arrived with the dispatch written with, undoubtedly, the holy quill and the blood of peasants.




Sweden Puts a Whole New Twist on #MeToo

With a female-majority government and an international reputation for gender balance, Sweden may appear an unlikely location for heated battles on endemic sexual exploitation. Hollywood’s recent scandals have changed that.




Vilnius: An Unlikely Gourmet Destination

It is time we considered Lithuania a foodie heaven. From Apoteka, to Sofa de Pancho, to Amandus and Gaspar's the selection of hip and delicious places to eat and drink is surprisingly good.

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